Towards the establishment of EVAM in Ecuador…

In January 2020, EVAM Board members Jean-Louis De Brouwer and Edouard Rodier participated to the 2019 Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) in Quito, Ecuador. This event was an opportunity to present EVAM methodology to Ecuadorian authorities and civil society actors, many of whom expressed interest in developing joint projects. Several dedicated events at the GFMD, including one on “Preventing and responding to gender-based violence against migrants”, highlighted the relevance of the initiative.

EVAM’s Directors visit to Ecuador was facilitated by Gabriela Malo and Thomas Debrouwer, EVAM’s Representatives in the country and allowed them to better understand the local context. The crisis in Venezuela and Colombia has forced millions of people to flee throughout the region and in Ecuador in particular. As a result, xenophobia and discrimination has increasingly affected migrants and refugees in the country.

Following preliminary discussions with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility, of Social and Economic Inclusion, of Health and Education, the Government of Ecuador formally expressed its support and desire to work with EVAM and its partners to identify and work against unintended consequences of some public policies in the current context.

In July, Red Clamor, a consortium of NGOs in Ecuador, supported by the German GIZ and the European Union will start a first joint project with EVAM to address situation of “Discrimination and Xenophobia in education and health”. Other actors have expressed interest and are pursuing discussions with EVAM for possible collaboration.